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Brilliant Agent recognizes your privacy needs and those of all our customers. The protection of your personal information is imperative to us. Please read the Privacy Policy provided below to learn how your personal information may be used as you take full advantage of our offerings. From time to time this policy may change without any notice; please check regularly. Revisions to this policy are binding and operative upon being posted the the Brilliant Agent website.


Collected Information

Customers who register to use our services are required to provide us with contact information such as full names and email addresses. In some circumstances other information (such as zip code, street address, and phone number) will be required. We do not hold any customer credit card information. Credit card data storage and payments are managed by Authorize.Net. Brilliant Agent does not control how Authorize.Net will utilize any information.

To provide quality technical support, in some instances we may ask for additional information that would be of a technical nature.

Certain information, such as website addresses, may be collected by Brilliant Agent from website visitors and customers. To help diagnose technical difficulties, and to constantly improve the quality of our services, this information is logged. We may also analyze and track, and provide such information to third parties, non-identifying and aggregate usage and volume statistical data.


Children's Guidelines

Brilliant Agent works to protect children even though our site and services are not geared for children. As Brilliant Agent depends on data offered by visitors to our sites, we cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that any particular data gathered and used by Brilliant Agent was not received from a child. Please see http://www.ftc.gov/kidzprivacy for more information.



Brilliant Agent gathers and holds information about customers, including but not limited to, user account information, service and support information, billing data, customer account registration information, and rate and usage of services. Brilliant Agent may utilize this data for internal business uses or may disclose data in aggregate form (i.e., not traceable to an individual customer) for promotional purposes. Brilliant Agent will not sell, rent, trade, or otherwise disclose any individual customer's data to third parties or outside companies for any reasons except those identified below:

Brilliant Agent may provide data such as your full name and email address to outside companies who perform a billing function on our behalf. Brilliant Agent will not allow those companies to use that data for purposes other than those stated.

Brilliant Agent includes Brilliant Agent service providers and contractors. If Brilliant Agent files for bankruptcy or becomes insolvent, merges with another company, or is purchased, customer agrees that all customer data and information may transfer to a purchasing party. "Customer data" means data and information stored with Brilliant Agent by customers through utilization of services.

Brilliant Agent may use customer data and information for technical processing functions such as: (a) The service's functionality; (b) Brilliant Agent's network's technical requirements; (c) Technical requirements of the services; or (d) to align with other similar requirements. To identify or resolve problems or to respond to complaints about the services, Brilliant Agent may access customer accounts and related data as needed.

Brilliant Agent may divulge customer information is Brilliant Agent believes such an act is reasonable and necessary : (a) To be in compliance with local, state, or federal law; (b) To be in compliance with legal process; (c) To implement our Service Agreement; (d) To respond to claims that the customer utilizes the services to promote unlawful activities or to violate the rights of third parties; or (e) To exculpate Brilliant Agent from any charges of wrongdoing. However, Brilliant Agent has no responsibility or duty to divulge such information.


Use of Information

To keep customers apprised of maintenance issues, account issues and resolutions, or other matters that may arise in regard to your Brilliant Agent Service, the use of an individual's email is necessary; we may also take advantage of email to provide customers with informative newsletters.

We strive to keep our customers updated using email and other media. To help us establish the Brilliant Agent services and products likely to interest you, or to assist in diagnosing problems with our servers or administration of our sites, Brilliant Agent sometimes will use demographic and personal information. WE also utilize demographic data to gather information regarding general interest in our services and products and to help in the analysis of product and service usage, buying, and targeted markets.


Correct / Update

If you need to edit or change information previously given to Brilliant Agent, please either access your Brilliant Agent Profile on the website or contact us with an email to: william@truerealestateinc.com.



We want your interaction with the Brilliant Agent website to be easy and productive. Our server sends a cookie to your computer when you visit our site. Cookies are files that the web browser places on a computer's hard drive. These files indicate to us whether visitors and customers have earlier visited the website.

By itself, a cookie cannot identify you specifically, but can identify only your browser. You remain anonymous to Brilliant Agent unless you opt to identify yourself by responding to a promotional offer, signing up for our services, or opening an account.

Computers use two kinds of cookies: session-based cookies and persistent-based cookies. Session cookies exist only while you are online, then disappear when your browser closes. Persistent cookies remain on your computer; they incorporate data such as a unique identification for your browser.

Brilliant Agent cookies include an encoded session ID and possibly other data about your browsing session, allowing Brilliant Agent to process your online requests and transactions. Session cookies verify to us that you are who you say you are; session cookies are required for using Brilliant Agent services. Brilliant Agent uses persistent cookies that only Brilliant Agent can read to verify that you are a Brilliant Agent customer or previous website visitor. We are particularly vigilant about the security of data in persistent cookies. Users who have disabled their browser's ability to accept cookies will still have the ability to browse the website but may not be able to use the services.


Third-Party Sites

The Brilliant Agent site links to other websites; Brilliant Agent is not responsible for content or privacy practices of those other sites. To understand policies at other websites, check their policy statements. When accessing a linked site customers and visitors may be divulging private information. Responsibility for the privacy and confidentiality of such data is the user's.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

In the event that the Brilliant Agent Privacy Policy needs to be amended, such change will be reflected in the next revision of this Policy. Revisions will be posted on the Brilliant Agent website so please check frequently. Any changes to this Privacy Policy are binding and operative upon being posted to the Brilliant Agent website, william@truerealestateinc.com.


Additional Information

Questions regarding legal agreements and policies may be directed to william@truerealestateinc.com.

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